Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Breaking News -- White House issues statement in response to inaccurate reporting by FOX

By: Emily Chassman

Communications Director and Press Secretary, Jay Carney, came out with a statement on behalf of the White House only a few hours ago. He stated the following:

"Fox News’ reported that President Obama tried to convince Democratic Senators to vote against the project, which is simply false and misleading information. The administration, along with Congress, was fully aware of these two Democrats’ position in regards to supporting the initial pipeline proposal, given that they publicly voted for it. We had no intention of changing their vote.

The administration felt that it would be beneficial to have the two dissenting Democratic Senators release statements detailing the reasons for their approval of the pipeline. These clear and direct statements were intended to inform the public and leave less room for speculation and manipulation. These Senators have their reasons for approving the pipeline, which this Administration completely respects, and we wanted them to have an opportunity to openly justify their position. Unfortunately, Fox News decided to take an antagonistic approach in their reporting, using Republican rhetoric and unfounded accusations to twist the realities of the situation." #

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