Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Governor Rick Perry's questioned motives

March 16, 2012- Last Friday the Attorney General of Texas sued the Obama Administration for cutting a women's health care program because the White House had an issue with a part of the wording of the legislation. 

The Texas Texas legislation inserted a statement which mandated that no money would go to facilities that gave abortion procedures even though the state money would not directly fund abortions.

At a Senate hearing on March 21, 2012, Governor Rick Perry asked to speak about this event during a hearing about the Keystone XL Pipeline. 

Senator Bernie Sanders questioned Governor Perry's "motives" for being at the hearing. Implying that the Governor was only there to promote himself as a candidate for Vice President for the Republican presidential candidate.

The Governor insisted that he was there because the XL Pipeline and the cutting of the women's health care program both have something in common. He claimed they both represent "the federal government fighting the states".

Could Rick Perry really only be out to fight for states rights or is he out to promote himself?

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