Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breaking News -- Senator Bernie Sanders issues statement regarding Keystone Pipeline

Senator Bernie Sanders
By: Emily Chassman
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont issued a statement discussing his position on the Keystone Pipeline project just moments ago.  He stated:

"I believe that it is absolutely necessary for us to move away from using fossil fuels. If the Keystone Pipeline XL is approved then not only is the possibility of moving away from fossil fuels further diminished, but also the pipeline will add to the already gigantic crisis of global warming.  I believe that we need to move as aggressively as possible to move towards energy efficiency. We need sustainable energy to lower carbon pollution, as well as make America less dependent on foreign energy sources. I believe that moving towards energy efficiency will open the door for new, and good paying jobs. Large oil companies who have had record profits in the trillions want the United States to continue to be dependent on oil. Humans have been the major cause for global warming, and we desperately need to move away from fossil fuels. I am deeply disturbed by the desire to build the Keystone XL pipeline, a pipeline that could carry as much as nine hundred thousand barrels of dirty tar sands from Canada across America every single day. I believe that the United States has the potential for better energy options. Also lets not forget what happened just in 2010 with the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, a spill that destroyed many human lives, as well as plants and animals. This spill also significantly harmed the fishing industries along the gulf.  The time is now to make a change to prevent global warming and reduce the risk of dangerous spills." # 

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