Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama Administration, EPA speak to recent allegations regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal

Press Secretary Jay Carny speaks to CNN


On March 8, in an interview with the Obama Administration’s Press Secretary Jay Carny about the recent allegations made against the EPA’s Keystone XL Pipeline environmental effects proposal, Carny pointed out the Republicans’ role in the alleged lack of oversight.

“The criticism we’ve endured is misplaced,” Carny said. “The Republicans in congress…are playing politics as usual, but we need to be stressing the importance of protecting the environment and serving the American peoples’ best interest.”

Carny had no comment on whether or not the allegations, made by Susan Mendax, a former employee of Cleaner Tomorrows, were credible, but he did say that the 60 day limit that Congress gave President Obama to make a decision on the pipeline was not enough.

“The president did not get rid of the proposal of the keystone pipeline or destroy a job creating program,” he said. “It was the Republicans in Congress and their tactics to force the president to enact a proposal within a sixty day period, which was not only impossible, but had no precedent.”

In order to create a sufficiently researched proposal for such an environmentally and financially large project, Carny said, the proposal would need to go through the State Department.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was also interviewed regarding the recent allegations about her administration.

“We just wanted to let people know that we are looking upon this issue as thoroughly and efficiently as possible,” she said. “We are not trying to rush it. And we’re just going to see what happens and find more information as soon as possible.”

More updates on this issue will be available after multiple press conferences that will take place today. #

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