Monday, March 12, 2012

Republicans in Congress to use recent allegations over the Keystone Pipeline in an attempt to end DBE and WBE affirmative action programs

Speaker John Boehner and Tim Walberg, both working to push legislation forward that eliminates affirmative action programs

By Naomi Bernstein and Emily Chassman

When asked on Friday if the Republicans will use the allegations against the Keystone Pipeline report to push through legislation that may end affirmative action programs such as DBEs and WBEs, Speaker John Boehner, supported by other majority members, said yes.

“We will support current legislation that will cause us to end funding for these programs,” Boehner said.

 Republican Representative Tim Walberg of Illinois, who is an avid protester of affirmative action, and who has tried to zero out funding for these programs in the past, declined to comment on his political strategy now that scandal has arisen around the affirmative action programs.

The Center for Equal Opportunity, a conservative interest group devoted to ending affirmative action, was present at the press conference.

“Once the oversight committee does an investigation into it and determines whether the report is true, we will make our decision,” the group representative said. “But, as of right now, we are planning on using [the recent allegations against WBEs to try to end affirmative action].”

Democrats in Congress have already gotten into a defensive position in preparation to fight for these programs.

“My support right now [of affirmative action programs] is definitely as strong as ever,” Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee Elijah Cummings said. “We emphasize the legitimacy of the EPA and of the reports.”

The House Oversight Committee contains members on both side of the spectrum, and it has launched an investigation on the allegations made against the EPA. #

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