Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cummings issues a response to false reporting by FOX news

Sent to CNN by Representative Cummings

"Shepard Smith’s recent article about the hearing last week was simply false and unprofessional. The knowledge of how a hearing is run held by Congressman Kucinich and myself should not be ridiculed nor mocked. We did not think the rules “didn’t apply,” but rather had to enforce the rules ourselves due to a lack of knowledge possessed by the leaders of the hearing. I also would not consider my informing Majority Leader Cantor of the 7 ½ minutes Chairman Issa and I had agreed upon snapping. Also, while Representative Walberg continued to question Mr. Henderson on what college admissions will do, Representative Walberg failed to understand the Mr. Henderson was not actually involved in college admissions and, therefore, could not answer. Smith may say as he pleases about our disrespect, but it comes to the fact that both Representative Kucinich and I were trying to have fact-based discussion instead of a political rhetorical conversation." #  

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