Monday, March 19, 2012

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson releases statement regarding Keystone Pipeline on CNN segment last week

By: Emily Chassman and Naomi Bernstein
CNN sat down with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to clarify her position regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline.  As Jackson didn't have any opportunity to speak out regarding her decision to hire Cleaner Tomorrows, CNN gave her a chance to clarify her statement for the american people.
    "Yesterday [Wednesday, March 14th], Chairman Issa asked if I thought Mendax was lying, and my answer to that would be that Mendax posted her opinion in her blog, so there is nothing really she could lie about. Cleaner Tomorrows may not be in the top 5 biggest contracting companies, granted, but it is certainly in the top 25, making it more than qualified for hiring. This company did a perfectly credible job, as there have been no specific errors in the EPA report. In fact, it is apparent how meticulous the most recent report is based on how much Cleaners Tomorrow found wrong with the original EIS done by Cardno Entrix, a company that is definitely not one of the most prominent firms.
     As for the allegations that the EPA did not honor the merit system because Cleaner Tomorrows was hired as a WBE, all I can say is that Cleaner Tomorrows’ being a part of the WBE program is of no concern at all. The EPA decided on Cleaner Tomorrows because we knew they would do a credible job. I would have supported hiring this company even if it weren’t a WBE. There are inherent flaws in society that put women and minorities at a disadvantage, as on average women get paid about 75% as much as men for the same work. Our WBE program is simply trying to make up for these flaws, but in no way do we support hiring companies that aren't qualified.
     Also, as stated in the general statement for the hearing, I reiterate that the opinion of one disgruntled employee is by no means a reason for investigation." #

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