Thursday, March 22, 2012

Morning Update: Carney Clarifies Goals of the Obama Administration

Today in a press briefing, Jay Carney attempted to clear up a misquote from Senator Oran Hatch given in yesterday's hearing. "This administration fully supports cleaner tomorrows," said Carney. After some research by the Obama Administration, Carney stated that the Keystone XL expansion would have no effect on gas prices "at the pump."

"We have found no statistical correlation to the amount of oil drilled out of the ground in the U.S. to the price of gasoline." According to Carney, the study utilized thirty-six years of historical data.

"The main priority of this administration is creating jobs in a time when many Americans are trying to get back to work." Carney declined to comment on a question regarding the changing of the Jones Act, which would prevent the transport of the Keystone oil, refined in Texas, to ports on the east coast.

By Max Clark and Matthew Brincko

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