Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Piers Morgan Interview with Secretary of the Interior

By: Matthew Brinko

Piers Morgan:  Hello Mr. Salazar, how are you today.

Mr. Salazar:  I’m doing great.

Piers Morgan:  So obviously the Keystone Pipeline has been a hot topic in the media lately, however no one has really heard your point of view yet.  What are your opinions on the pipeline?

Mr. Salazar:  I believe that the keystone pipeline could be a great investment for America.  However, this project needs more research before being fully executed.  I worked for 11 years as a water and environmental lawyer and so I know the time that needs to be put into a project like this and I do not feel like it has sufficed. 

Piers Morgan:  So you’re a proponent of extending the deadline?

Mr. Salazar:  Exactly.  This is a national issue, and due to the length for which the pipeline extends, securing that the pipeline will not leak is very important.  And in order to secure that, we must extend the deadline. 

Piers Morgan:  Are there specific technological advances that could make delaying the deadline even more worthwhile?

Mr. Salazar:  Yes.  Once the Department of the Interior releases the new requirements for hydraulic fracturing, then TransCanada can reassess the pipeline and ensure it complies with regulations.  Until hydraulic fracturing is perfected, the American people’s skepticism of this method will cause it to be the Achilles heel of the energy promise of America.

Piers Morgan.  Thank you so much for your time.  #

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