Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breaking News -- Kent Conrad, Democrat from North Dakota, issues statement regarding Keystone Project

Senator Conrad announced the following earlier this evening - 

"As Senator of North Dakota, I believe that the Keystone XL Pipeline should be passed.  Building this pipeline will give our economy the boost it needs by supplying jobs, and in turn lowering the unemployment rate.  At this hard time in our country’s economy, creating more jobs is just the thing that can enable us to start getting back on track.  In addition, building the Keystone XL pipeline will lower the currently skyrocketing oil prices.  Finally, if this pipeline is not built, the oil will be sent to oversea markets.  With this said, I want to restate my belief that it is in our nation’s best interest to build this pipeline.  

Given that I am a Democrat, the fact that I disagree with Obama’s decision to not build the Keystone XL pipeline may raise questions.  While I do not agree with his decison, I can see that Obama is in a tough position.  I understand that Obama must treat safety with the utmost importance, and that it is Obama’s responsibility to take all precautions necessary before agreeing to build this pipeline, however, from where I see it, evidence has shown that it is safe to build the pipeline through this area of Nebraksa.  

The Republicans are merely trying to create controversy by only allotting Obama a sixty day time limit to make his decision.  The Republicans are being irresponsible by playing politics with such an important issue rather than working to make this project acceptable to Obama’s standards.  While I fully believe that there is enough evidence to support that building is safe, I understand Obama’s hesitation that sixty days is not enough time to make a fully educated decision regarding the safety of building around the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska.  Knowing that the Obama administration would feel as though sixty days is not enough time, the Republicans forced Obama to decide in that time period knowing he would reject it, and in turn cause a national issue.

I applaud the Obama administration in their recent encouragement to begin construction of the pipeline on noncontroversial land, however, at the same time I would like to see the whole project passed.  Again, I understand that it is Obama’s responsibility to take care of the entire country, however, I am the Senator of North Dakota, and it is in my state’s best interest to pass the Keystone XL Pipeline." #

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