Monday, March 19, 2012

Senate Committee Hearing to take place Wednesday, March 21st

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
By: Emily Chassman and Naomi Bernstein

The first Senate Committee hearing will take place this Wednesday, March 21st.  Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, issued a statement regarding the upcoming hearing saying that "Senator Max Baucus will lead a hearing regarding the Keystone Pipeline XL."  Reid remains against the pipeline, believing it "won't lower the price of oil. Construction won't be complete for a long, long time, And under the way it's constructed now, all the oil would be sold elsewhere."  Reid further explains that "a majority of the Senate remains against the building of this pipeline and without serious modifications to proposal, these Senators and I will remain against it.  In regards to the upcoming hearing, Senator Baucus has invited Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar [to speak]."  Reid is confident that "the questioning will be civil and informative."

Tune into CNN Wednesday to see a full coverage report of the hearing. #

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