Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lack of oversight on Keystone XL Pipeline leads to questioning of affirmative action programs

On March 7, a former employee of the environmental engineering firm Cleaner Tomorrows stated that the Environmental Protection Agency’s report of the effects of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, which would transfer crude oil from Canada to various places in the United States, is insufficient.

Susan Mendax, the former employee of Cleaner Tomorrows, stated that the company did not have the resources or power to draw up a complete report of the environmental effects of the pipeline. Mendax blogged that the EPA gave Cleaner Tomorrows this responsibility because it is a female-owned company.

“Cleaner Tomorrows has never been a top five firm in this field,” she wrote, “and we’d never worked on a project nearly this big before…But our CEO and majority owner is female and she’d been sucking up to EPA through its WBE programs for years.”

The Obama administration rejected the pipeline because of these reports, and these allegations will inevitably put the President in a tough position.

No comments on the matter have been released yet, but members of all three branches will be available for questioning tomorrow. #

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