Friday, March 23, 2012

Opinion: Supreme Court out of control?

What is happening to the Supreme Court?

Normally, I'm a huge fan of the court, but today I'm wondering if some of the justices are taking the label "highest court in the land" a little too seriously.

Last thursday, Justice Anthony, in a totally unfounded move, appeared on a CNN television show.  While I do work for CNN and the interview was admittedly an important interview, it was totally irresponsible and idiotic for Mr. Kennedy to appear on the show.

Mr. Kennedy is not just an individual; when he makes public appearances he represents the Supreme Court  and by appearing on a television talk show degrades the respect of the court and the standing of their decisions in the eyes of the American people.

The most shocking part of the interview came when Mr. Kennedy fairly clearly implied he would vote in the same manner in which he voted in the case Grutter v. Bollinger.  A justice's vote is of the most sacred quality; the power of that vote to shape life in the United States is such that it takes hours of serious argument and deliberation to decide.  The idea that a justice can just look at two cases, decide they're similar enough, and then have his vote decided is troubling to say the least.

To make the matter worse, most experts agree that Justice Kennedy's vote is the swing vote in this case, almost rendering the upcoming supreme court case pointless.  Now, in the minds of American citizens around the country, Justice Kennedy's interviews has sullied the credibility of the supreme courts eventual decision.

Chief Justice John Roberts appears to have taken notice of Mr. Kennedy's blunder in an internal email sent to all of the Justices.  This reporter received the email as a result of an anonymous source.  Below is an exact copy of the email

Hello fellow Justices,
I have been receiving many questions and lots of bombardment from the media lately. I have also heard that other Justices are being questioned.
As we all agreed, we are not responding to the media before the trial. If we all feel it is necessary to release a statement, I will release a statement that everyone approves.

Below is one of the emails I sent in response to a reporter. I think it is a good template that you can use if you want.

Thank you so much for complying,
Chief Justice Roberts

We have decided not to speak to the media before the hearing of Fisher v UT Austin this Thursday.

Thank you,
Justice _________

Chief Justice Roberts Refused to take part in this story.  

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