Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CNNOpinion: Tim Walberg’s Stumble

Tim Walberg representative from Illinois 
By: Emily Chassman and Naomi Bernstein

In the House Oversight Committee Hearing on Tuesday, as Tim Walberg questioned the Leadership Conference on its stance on affirmative action, confusion swept over the witness, the representative, and the members of the audience.

The question seemed to be asking what The Leadership Conference’s Mr. Henderson would do to ensure that Affirmative Action was handled justly if it were to stay legal. After the Conference’s response that that would be up to the universities, Walberg pushed by saying, “What would you do personally?”, and the misunderstanding set in.

When Henderson tried to clarify, Walberg seemed more focused on staying dominant in the interaction than clarifying what it was he wanted to ask, and by the end, the representative had everyone wondering if even he knew what he was trying to ask.

He blurted out statements like, “Whatever,” in response to Henderson’s repeated requests for clarification.

After the past two House Hearings of the Republicans unusually unprofessional behavior, a new low for the Republicans. #

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