Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CNNopinion - Natalie Sellers of the Natural Resources Defense Council goes toe-to-toe with members of Congress

By: Emily Chassman and Naomi Bernstein
Protesters line the entrance to the senate hearing
There was visible and aggressive hostility present today at the first Senate Finance Committee Hearing.  One of the witnesses, Natalie Sellers of the Natural Resources Defense Council, was determined to be heard and understood today by the senators administering the hearing (Baucus, Hatch, Conrad, Sanders, Nelson, and Snowe).  With a significant increase in her composition, assertiveness, and understanding of the issues, Ms. Sellers put up a fight, mainly with Chairman Baucus and Senator Snowe, over the facts of the pipeline and real environmental concerns that are not only possible, but highly probable, due to the construction of the pipeline.

Protesters determined to get their voices heard at todays Senate Hearing
Sellers was ruthlesly questions over issues involving the immediate need for job creation. Sellers combated this line of questioning by arguing that "there are many job creation opportunities in the field of green energy.  Opti Home, a green business corporation, has already created 2 million jobs, and this project was created very recently.  Green jobs not only pay just as well as jobs that would be created due to the pipeline, but they would move our counry in the direction we need to go, towards greener and substainable living."

Sellers went so far as to organize a protest against the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.  Protesters lined the enterance of the committee meeting, and were so passionate about their cause they were asked to leave the meeting due to the attention they were drawing. 

Ms. Sellers and the Natural Resources Defense Council definetly made huge strides forward today in the fight for clean, green, and substanible fuel for America's future. #

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