Thursday, March 22, 2012

Senator Harry Reid and Senator Mitch McConnell offer two perspectives on the Keystone Pipeline controversy

Reid and McConnell are civilized towards each other at todays Supreme Court Hearing
By: Emily Chassman and Naomi Bernstein

As many have commented that the Keystone Pipeline controversy has disintegrated into a political game, CNN offers two political perspectives from Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, and Democratic Senator Harry Reid from Nevada.

Senator Harry Ried

"I was very displeased with the conduction of the Senatorial Meeting this afternoon.  While Senator Baucus is a close friend and I value his opinions on all matters, he conducted the hearing with disdain and disrespect towards not only the panelists, but also his fellow Senators.  I know he supports the Obama administration and it is just a shame that such beliefs were not displayed before the people today.  I still value his opinions, trust him with my life, and cherish our relationship, I just feel as though Senator Sanders and Senator Nelson should have been treated with greater respect.  In regards to the Keystone Pipeline XL, many valued points were made for both sides, but after seeing all the information before me I stand by my stance.  The dangers of this Pipeline far outweigh the benefits.  The necessary safety precautions must be met in order for this permit to pass through the Senate and White House.  It is our duty to keep the American people safe.  The American people have begun to ween themselves from fossil fuels, and the building of this pipeline is a step in the wrong direction.  There are many alternatives, and our focus should turn to these.  In conclusion, my view is clear, and was proven today at the hearing, necessary safety measures and modifications must be made to this permit in order for the Keystone Pipeline to be built and inhabit the people's states." 

Senator Mitch McConnell
"I believe the Senate hearing went very well on all accounts. I believe Senator Baucus did an exceptional job of giving time to not only his fellow democratic senators but also the republican senators on the finance committee. I am in favor of the building of the pipeline and during the hearing today all those in favor of building the pipeline did an exceptional job in questioning the witnesses that came before the Senate in order to advance our shared bi-partisan goal of creating this pipeline. My fellow Senators and I are going to continue our efforts to create the pipeline and strive to present President Obama with a bill to either veto or sign." #

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