Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interview with Wade Henderson after second House Oversight Hearing

Wade Henderson is questioned at todays second House Oversight Committee Hearing
By: Emily Chassman and Naomi Bernstein

CNN sat down with Wade Henderson, the President of the Leadership Conference, after he was exhaustively questioned by Republicans and Democrats alike.  Mr. Henderson sat as a witness in a House Hearing devoted exclusively to discussing issues of affirmative action in the college admissions process.

Mr. Henderson sat composed and professional despite being interrupted and not given a chance to respond by Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who sat in for Chairman Issa as he was absent due to personal reasons. 

Mr. Henderson explains to CNN after the hearing that he “did not expect [the hearing] to be quite so chaotic.  It seemed as though the republicans were more interested in making us look bad rather than discussing the facts…and specific issues at hand.”

Mr. Henderson elaborates on what he initially stated during the hearing, which was the lack of a presence for a “minority voice right now, and affirmative action programs are the best, and frankly the only way to achieve this equality.  Right now affirmative action is necessary, maybe one day these programs won’t be needed, but that day had not yet come.”

Henderson elaborates on his and the Leadership Conference’s plans moving forward saying that as of now, the interest group is trying to “get in the media as much as possible.”  He continued saying that his group “has been writing some easy to understand pieces regarding affirmative action issues that have been spread via the media.” (see Henderson’s quick guide to DBE’s published on the CNN blog for more information)

As of now Mr. Henderson remains cool, collective, and confident that the Supreme Court will see the need for affirmative action programs, and vote on Fisher v. UT in accordance to precedent, public opinion, and the Constitution. #

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